Connecting Hearts and PairTree Partnership

We are thrilled to partner with Amy Imber at Connecting Hearts to support your home study needs.


1. Complete the Connecting Hearts application.

The first step in a home study is a completed application.

Download and complete Amy Imber's application here. Email your completed application to and we'll share it with Amy. She will review your application to assess whether or not she can accept you into her caseload. 

2. Select PairTree package, sign services agreement, & pay invoice.

Upon your official acceptance into Amy Imber's caseload, we'll call you to share the good news! From there, you will select your PairTree package, sign your services agreement, and pay your final invoice.

  • To select your PairTree package, review our plans & fees page and finalize your decision via this form. Don't worry - you can always chat with a member of our team to discuss the differences.
  • Once you submit your final package decision, you will also receive an invoice from PairTree (via Stripe) for your home study invoice. This invoice will be due 14 days from when it is issued and can be paid with a credit card. Additional fees (background checks, medical reports, travel expenses for the home visit, etc.) may apply. 
  • You will also receive your PairTree Services Agreement, which you can e-sign super easily!
  • Upon payment, we'll email your coupon codes to access unlimited education on Creating a Family and activate your free PairTree Connect subscription. 

3. Meet Amy and gain access to your Google Drive folder

After you pay your invoice, we'll send an email to connect you with Amy. She'll send a Welcome email with instructions on how to complete your home study paperwork and your Google Drive folder to upload all your personal documents. 
Note: You can disregard anything in the paperwork related to payment since you already paid your invoice!

4. Start completing your home study documents

Using your checklist, start completing the various components of your home study. We recommend starting with the things that require an appointment or other people to help. Making doctors appointments for medical reports, requesting employment & reference letters, and scheduling background checks are typically all good places to start! 

5. Schedule & host a home visit.

The home visit is a chance for Amy to get to know you, take a tour of your home, assess for safety concerns, and go over your required documents. Don't be nervous! Most families say this was one of their favorite parts of the home study. No need to bake cookies or buy fresh flowers - just be yourself and prep any documents Amy requires.

6. Complete adoption education and any remaining parts of your home study. 

Complete your education on Creating a Family using your coupon code you received after invoice payment. Hopefully you finished up most (if not all) of your home study forms and documents before your home visit. If not, this is the time to make sure you did your part.  Amy will need everything in order to write a glowing pre-placement report (your home study!) about how awesome you are!

7. Become home study approved!

Once your pre-placement report is finalized, you are officially home study approved! Take time to celebrate this achievement. You will receive a confirmation letter which you will use for your PairTree Connect profile and with any other professionals supporting your adoption journey. 

8. Create your PairTree Connect profile. 

When you're ready for this step, click here to get started! Don't forget to have your coupon code handy when it comes time to make your profile live.

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