Do I need to be home study approved before I start connecting with expectant moms?

Yes! You may start building your Connect profile before you are home study-approved, but you will need approval before publishing your profile.

Yes, and here's why. Some expectant moms are 39 weeks pregnant when looking at families. We want to give her piece of mind that everyone on PairTree has been approved to adopt. (We are HAPPY to recommend a home study provider near you.

And, you wouldn't want to be in a sticky situation where you match with an expectant mom and the infant is on the way, but you haven't started or completed your home study yet. Certain state background checks can take weeks for results to return, and without a final, approved home study you legally can't have that child placed with you!

You'll also need to connect your account to a licensed adoption professional that does placement (an attorney or an agency – depending on what state you're in).

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