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What should I expect during the Home Study Visit?

After a family finishes their home study application, their provider comes to their home for a 'home visit.'

Do I have to have a nursery set up?

That is up to you. Some families like to feel prepared and have their nursery set and stocked prior to the home visit, in anticipation of a match and placement. Other families prefer to wait until they have been matched with a birth mother before starting their baby registries and shopping sprees. Ultimately, whatever you feel is best for your family.

Who needs to be home for the home visit?

All individuals living in your home need to be present during your family's home visit. Your home study provider will conduct individual, joint, and family discussions during that time.

What is the provider looking for?

Not fresh baked cookies. Your home study provider will take a tour of your home and take note of general cleanliness, space, and overall safety. No need to have your home baby-proofed just yet. You and your home study provider can discuss those baby-proofing plans during the home visit.

Will my children be interviewed?

Yes, all children over four years old will be interviewed during your home visit. Our home study providers are all trained professionals and will make your child(ren) feel as comfortable as possible and most likely chat with your kiddo(s) while joining them to play.

How do I emotionally prepare for a home visit?

Take a deep breath, we got you covered...read this article, How to Prepare for the First Home Visit. PairTree will provide you will a checklist of documents to have ready during your home visit and help you feel as prepared as possible. During your home visit your home study provider will take a tour of your home, review your application and documents with you, and generally get to know you and learn more about your adoption journey.

Remember, your home study provider is a resource for you, walking alongside you, and eager to answer any questions you have about the adoption process.