How do I adopt?

Discover whether adoption is right for you and the next steps to pursuing adoption!

Private Adoption Guides

For families new to exploring adoption, we often recommend reading the following guides:

P.S.: Each of these guides has a downloadable version you can print out as well!

9 Steps to Private Adoption

While the following doesn't nearly encompass everything you as a prospective adopting family will need to know before beginning your adoption journey, it is a good place to start. Here are the nine steps you need to complete during the pre-placement stage:

  1. Determine whether adoption is right for you.
  2. Decide what type of adoption is right for you (public vs. private, domestic vs. international).
  3. Build your outreach and legal team.
  4. Get home study approved.
  5. Build your online family profile and profile book.
  6. Trust the process and practice patience.
  7. Educate, educate, and educate you and your family.
  8. Find a community and build your support network.
  9. Prepare your heart and home for your new child.

Watch this video for a closer look at the process!


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