How does PairTree support expectant moms?


  • Partner with reputable, qualified adoption attorneys (AAAA) and ethical, licensed agencies that are able to offer expectant moms resources and access to counseling.
  • Provide a network of resources to increase access to healthcare, housing, and mental health support.
  • Support the Lifetime Healing Foundation to offer expectants moms access to post-placement support.
  • Support Equity Before Birth to increase access to pregnancy related care.
  • Believe that expectant moms deserve control over their process. This includes meaningful choice. With PairTree, they have access to prospective adoptive parents across the US. On PairTree they can filter by personality trait (the best predictor of compatibility). We offer real support & resources that meaningfully help them in their journey.
  • Have a birth mother on staff (Jess Nelson) who is available 24/7 to support expectant moms with their questions, helping them find resources, etc.