How much does a Home Study cost with a PairTree Partner?

Your adoption home study cost will vary depending on your location and your provider, but the PairTree perks will always be included.

At PairTree, we refer you to your state's licensed home study provider, and you will pay them directly! Please visit your state's page to view pricing.

No matter what, your home study will include:

  • Your pre-placement home study from a licensed adoption professional in your State;
  • Discounted certificate-level education with Creating a Family;
  • Unlimited access to expert-authored resources from adopting families, birth moms, adoptees and adoption professionals.

To get started, find your state to view pricing and access your provider's application.

PairTree Connect

Want free adoption education and connection tools to begin or expand your adoption outreach? Connect is the best place to start!

With Connect, you receive:

  • A personality-based profile to connect with expectant and birth moms
  • 100% off certificate-level education at Creating a Family
  • Access to cases/situations from licensed adoption professionals
  • Social media promotion
  • Profile performance analytics
  • 5% donated to organizations that support objective options and post-placement care for birth moms

And with Connect Plus, you also receive everything included in a 12-month Connect plan plus...

  • Custom, easy-to-create profile video. Download and share for additional outreach!
  • 22-page profile book + 10 printed copies. Each book is reviewed and approved by a two-time birth mom.
  • Adoption Path Planning. We'll hold your hand throughout – providing educational materials, and help choosing which professionals to share your profile with.

Learn more about Connect here, or view our Plans & Pricing.