How to get started as a PairTree Home Study Professional

Why PairTree, Next steps, Post placement, and resources

Why should I join as a PairTree Home Study Provider?
  • It's still your home study....we enable the completion of the application and forms for your state via an easy-to-use online platform.
  • Free up time in your day! We hold-hand families through the entire application process, answering their logistical questions and making sure they complete all the necessary paperwork in a quality & timely fashion. This is a huge time-savings.
  • There is no cost nor obligation to join the PairTree Home Study community of licensed providers.
  • It's only upside! We notify you when a family has completed their application and paperwork. Our goal is to bring you "home visit ready" families.
  • You still maintain control over the number of families, and which families you work with. You're in the drivers seat! We are also welcome to engage directly with families once you've been selected (by the family) in our platform -- we know this is an important relationship to foster.
  • Incentives - we provide spot bonuses starting at 10 home studies per month (which can be a combination of your own families, plus those referred by PairTree). 
  • You gain access to our PairTree Home Study team including adoptive parents, technical support, and excellent home study professionals. 
Next steps
  1. Meet with us: We'll review your current process and paperwork to personalize our product to meet your requirements. We'll also demo the PairTree platform and show you how to review and accept families. Schedule time with us here.
  2. Complete the application: Complete our PairTree Home Study Provider application. You have control of what is shared with families who work with you and what you'd like to handle separately. 
We always pay your 
PairTree offers Post Placement services, and our fee is typically 20% premium on whatever the provider charges (and it typically varies by state). For example, if you typically charged $500...we would charge the family $600 (and pay $500 to you via your invoice). 
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