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Is Connect & Connect Pro a part of Home Base?

It's up to you! Connect for Adopting Families and Connect Pro can be used in parallel with Home Base, depending on your agency's and families' needs.

Connect for Adopting Families

The decision to integrate Connect into your family's experience is entirely up to you and your agency's needs! 

However, all Home Base families will receive 20% off any Connect plan simply because you're one of our Official Partners!

You can choose whether you want families to have access to the outreach services available in Connect. Some providers exclusively use Home Base, while others opt for a combination of Home Base and Connect. Both platforms can be private-labeled with your agency's logo, allowing you to provide online profiles, profile books, and access to the entire network of families under your agency's brand and guidance. 

Connect presents an opportunity for a family to expand their outreach efforts with an online profile and profile book, while still relying on your professional guidance! This allows you to support more families with outreach and matching support when there may not be room in your Domestic Matching Program.
The advantages are pretty great:
  • It puts families that want to work with you on a “reserve list" for you, while still giving them a chance to connect.
  • You’d be able to access a larger set of families when working with an expectant mom.
  • If they connect with an expectant mom on PairTree Connect, they will use you for placement.

Connect Pro

We highly encourage all professionals who use Home Base to take advantage of Connect Pro! 

What is Connect Pro?

Connect Pro is a revolutionary platform that serves as a central hub for licensed adoption professionals. It provides access to a centralized database of adopting families nationwide, creating connections between adoption professionals, adopting families and expectant mothers, to revolutionize the private adoption landscape (and get rid of bad actors).Boost Connections for FAMs (1)

What does Connect Pro mean for you and your families?

Connected Journeys

Once you’ve met with a family, you simply invite them via your Connect Pro dashboard, and we facilitate the rest!

We’ll work with you to create their Home Base dashboard, and your family can begin building their outreach plan - crafting their online profile, creating their profile video, and optionally creating a unique profile book. The family will show up in your dashboard, giving you visibility into their journey the entire time.

Expanded Outreach

Connect Pro allows a family's outreach to be customized to their desired level of public visibility.

When a family has a profile on Connect Pro, they are available to all the licensed professionals in our network, and their profiles can be made public or private. Public profiles can be found on pairtreefamily.com, and with a few clicks, they can be added to your site as well! Private profiles are available only to licensed adoption professionals via Connect Pro and can be added to your website.

Filter & Find Families

With Connect Pro, you can instantly filter and find home study-approved families from your state and beyond. Use our 10+ filters to find families that meet specific criteria including openness to prenatal exposure, and special needs. 

Direct Contact

Once you've found a family you'd like to contact, you can reach out to their licensed professional or the family directly.


Want to know more about our Connect services? Schedule a call with us or send us an email.