Is PairTree an advertiser or facilitator?

No. PairTree is an Adoption Enablement Platform™.

By definition, we’re not advertising or facilitating.
We provide adopting families a place to communicate their desire to adopt. Our platform allows prospective adoptive parents, expectant moms and birth parents to find each other. We do not directly identify, evaluate, or match the parties, or take any other steps to facilitate the adoption or place a child.

Expectant moms, birth moms and adopting families can connect with one another either on PairTree or off- platform; once the two parties register, PairTree recommends that they contact an adoption attorney or agency in their State and provides recommendations for such attorneys and agencies, but does not facilitate their communications or the adoption process in any way whatsoever.

PairTree does not make any effort to “match” any prospective adoptive parents with any expectant moms or birth moms, but does offer tools such as personality profiles that allow expectant and birth moms to search for prospective adopting families who may meet certain parameters selected by the expectant and birth moms. 


While the laws around advertising are out of date, vague and potentially a conflict with the 1st Amendment, we believe in their original purpose of protecting adopting families and expectant moms from predatory and coercive practices. That is why we're engaging with public policy officials and legislative bodies to help raise awareness around the methods used in the conventional method of adoption:
  • Adopting families endure burdensome costs, opaque processes, long timelines, and discrimination.
  • Expectant and Birth Moms lack objective options, choice of adopting families, control over their process and support throughout the entirety of their journey.

There are a number of states, like Pennsylvania, where their laws do not mention advertising for adoption anywhere in its statutes. States/territories including Alaska, Arizona, American Samoa, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming, also do not mention advertising in their statutes.

PairTree contracts with state-licensed home study providers and recreates their process online to aid in a prospective adoptive parents’ completion of such home studies. There are a few states where families need to have an approved home study before their online profile is live: Georgia, North Carolina and Oregon.