What is Kinship Adoption? Do I need a home study?

Learn more about kinship adoption and its home study process.

Kinship Adoption

Kinship care is legal guardianship by either relatives of the child or, in some cases, very close family friends. Relatives are usually the preferred destination for a child who needs a guardian, rather than resorting to foster care, as the familiarity and comfort found in living with a relative can minimize the trauma that can often come with separation. 

Kinship Adoption Home Study

This home study is designed for family members or relatives and is requested by an attorney or ordered by the court.  Like a Private Domestic Adoption Home Study you can expect the state to require background checks, medical information, employment/income verification, and a home visit with a home study professional. 

Similar to the step-parent or second-parent adoption home study, this report will highlight the current family dynamic and provide a chance to prove to the court their parenting abilities and family well-being.  The child’s history and information regarding their biological parents will be included to provide a complete picture and recommendation to adopt. Like others, the home study must meet state requirements and the home study professional is sensitive to the family’s history, to ensure that a proper report is provided to the court.

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