Complete at PairTree

For families that are just getting started on their adoption journey, we've worked with licensed ethical adoption professionals to create a value-packed bundle of services called Complete.

The Complete package includes:
  • Your pre-placement home study with a licensed adoption professional;
  • Unlimited certificate-level education with Creating a Family to help prepare you and meet your education requirements;
  • Unlimited online profile time on PairTree Connect (even a second adoption!);
  • 18 months of profile promotion across social media;
  • Performance analytics so you can see how well your online profile is performing;
  • 22-page, full color, custom profile book PDF, edited and reviewed by a birth mother – customized to your adoption professional's requirements;
  • Access to cases/situations from licensed adoption professionals;
  • Unlimited access to expert-authored resources from adopting families, birth moms, adoptees and adoption professional to discuss topics such as: open adoption, hospital etiquette, fundraising, positive adoption language, and many more.
You'd have your choice of style for your profile book: Profile Book Styles ...and here's an example of a PairTree profile book: Bryan & Yaritza (these are great tools to share with other adoption professionals too!)

Check out our Plans & Fees for the full list of features (and of course reach out with any questions!).