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How does invoicing work for Home Base?

We keep it simple.

How does billing work?

We invoice you at the end of the month - $100 for each Home Base dashboard created. 

How do I pay?

We'll send you an invoice you can pay via ACH or check,  or a link to pay using a credit card. Your preference.

What if my family is also using Connect?

Two options:

  1. If you participate in the Foundation Program (recommended), we'll add any associated fees to the invoice we send at the end of the month
  2.  If you'd prefer your families pay directly (and are in a state where that is allowed), we'll send you a link that your families can pay directly.

In the past, some of our providers asked us to bill their families for the entire amount, and then submit payment to the home study provider. (We're transitioning away from this for a number of reasons, but for home study providers that are still using this method – here's how it works):

Submit invoice

  • Send your invoice to homestudy@pairtreefamily.com and make sure you include the name of the adoptive family. 
    • You do not need to use a specific template but if you'd like to use our template, you're welcome to download it here
  • When to send your invoice?  Before or after your home visit: You can send us your invoice as soon as you schedule your home visit or afterwards if you need to include travel expenses. 
    • Be sure add the date & time of the scheduled home visit into the family's application on your dashboard.
    • Be sure to send us your travel expenses asap, as we'll need to include those in the family's invoice as well.

How do I get paid?

We'll pay you through direct deposit using our payment system - Gusto. If you don't have a Gusto account, email the following information to homestudy@pairtreefamily.com.

  • Tax Filing Status: Business or Individual?
  • Business name or full legal name
  • Email you want to use for your Gusto account
  • After you submit your invoices, it takes 5 days to get paid.