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How do I pay my Home Study invoice through PairTree?

You connected with your home study provider, started working on your forms, and now it's time for your final home study invoice.

1. Select on your PairTree package

We have two options for your package: Core or Complete. You can view the different perks and pricing in your state here. 

Need help deciding? Feel free to schedule time with a member of our team to chat about which path makes the most sense for you. 

2. Complete the below form to let us know.

We'll send your final home study invoice which is due 7 days after you receive it. Upon payment, you will receive the coupons for PairTree Connect (for Complete families) and unlimited access to adoption education on Creating a Family (for Core & Complete families)!

3. For our Complete families, use your coupons to access adoption education & PairTree Connect.

After you pay your invoice, you will receive an email with coupons for unlimited adoption education on Creating a Family and a free unlimited membership to PairTree Connect.

In most states, adoption education is required before you can be approved. Refer to your checklist on your provider's specific requirements. Get started now.

When you're ready to start your PairTree Connect, use your unique coupon code to activate your free membership. There's no right or wrong time to set up your profile! Some families choose to start as soon as they get their coupon and work on their home study at the same time. Other families focus on their home study and start their profile after they're home study-approved. The choice is totally yours. 

For our Core families, use your coupon to access free unlimited adoption education through Creating a Family. Get started now.