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Meet Holt International

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Holt International helps children thrive in the love and stability of a family.  Holt pioneered the modern practice of international adoption in 1956 and continues to be the leading agency in the United States. Thousands of children have joined loving, permanent families through our adoption programs. Today, our primary focus is to help children remain in the loving care of their birth families whenever possible.

They work with families and other adoption agencies to complete domestic and international home study and post-placement requirements. The home study is a key piece of your adoption process. Before you can be approved to adopt, a social worker in your state needs to assess your family and prepare a written report about you. Holt International’s social workers will provide personal and caring support as they assist you with your adoption. If you are using a different agency for your adoption placement, Holt can still help you! 

What Families Are Saying About Holt

"Every single staff member at Holt was incredible. They were kind, understanding, resourceful, compassionate, and knowledgeable about all things adoption. We honestly felt that the staff was 100% invested in us and fully supported us through our journey."


"Excellent staff! We love Holt and are thankful for the professionalism we have experienced. Our social worker has provided us with so much support throughout our journey. We are incredibly grateful!"

How much does a South Dakota home study cost?

A home study begins with a $350 application fee and a $1,750 initial home study fee. Additional fees may apply.

View Holt International's fees here.

Ready to get started?

1) Complete Holt International's application. Holt will contact you if your application is accepted and discuss the next steps of the home study process.

2) Schedule time with Laurie Shelton to discuss additional ways PairTree can help you on your adoption journey.


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