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What are Task Expirations in Home Base?

Home Base is here to relieve some stress! No longer will you have to manually keep track of countless document expiration dates. Let's dive into Home Base Task Expirations and how you as an adoption professional can make the most of them.

What do Task Expirations do?

Based on direct feedback from professionals like you, Task Expirations is here to save you time and mental energy spent remembering countless dates!
  • Task expiration stores key dates so they’re easily accessible at the right time in the right place. 
  • Only you (the provider) can input these dates so you can trust their accuracy. 
  • The task expiration dashboard can serve as your “spare brain”. When you log in to Home Base, it’ll show you which families have tasks that are expiring and/or have already expired. 

Why are Task Expirations so important? 

  • Plan ahead, stay prepared! Home Base serves as your hassle-free home study manager! You receive time back previously spent tracking dates and reminding families of expiring documents.
  • Alerts that matter. You and your families gain peace of mind that they are up-to-date and aware of any necessary updates, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their adoption journey.
  • Stay secure, stay current! Task Expirations remove the liability of inaccurate or expired home study approvals.

How can professionals use Task Expirations?

Task expirations are a "set it and forget it" feature until it's time for you and your families to refresh key documents, while archiving the old documents for easy access. With a few clicks, you can reissue new documents for your family to complete. 

Here's Zaya to walk you through the simple process of using Task Expirations! 

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