What is Account Linking Magic?

All families' profiles on Connect will be able to directly link their licensed adoption professional. Let's dive into how Account Linking Magic works and why it's so necessary.

What does Account Linking Magic mean?

As of January 15, families on Connect will need to link their PairTree profile to a licensed placement professional. 
Once they've successfully linked their account, they'll be able to create their online profile and profile book, and their adoption professional will be able to provide guidance once they connect with an expectant mom. 

Why is Account Linking Magic so important?

Based on direct feedback from our partner professionals and upcoming legislation changes in adoption, Account Linking Magic meets four important goals!
  1. "Linked" professionals can view their family's online activity and provide guidance when the family is contacted by an expectant mother or adoption professional in our network.
  2. Professionals no longer need to recommend their families to expensive middlemen and lose sight of their home study-approved families as they embark on matching/placement. 
  3. Licensed adoption professionals in our network can search for and connect with specific, home study-approved adoptive families to present to expectant or birth mothers.
  4. Account Linking Magic provides adoption professionals with greater insight into their families' journeys and expands their ability to support families that may be on a waitlist for a Domestic Matching Program!

How does a family connect their profile to their placement professional?

  1. Easy! New and current adopting families will be directed to log in to their PairTree Connect account.
  2. They will be prompted to link their placement professional by providing their name and contact information.

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Have questions about PairTree Connect? Send us a note at hello@pairtreefamily.com.