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What is PairTree Connect?

PairTree Connect is a personality-based adoption outreach platform that empowers choice, control, and support.

PairTree doesn't prescribe to a one-size-fits-all process or “match” families. Instead, our platform empowers the people pursuing adoption to connect directly, guided by their licensed professionals. Those first encounters, while awkward, are bonding. If we expect families to maintain open adoptions, we need to empower them to connect directly - all the while supported by their licensed adoption professionals.

PairTree Connect allows:

  • Expectant and birth moms to explore adopting family profiles based on what’s more important to them;
  • Adopting families to build unique, personality-based profiles that communicate their intent to adopt coupled with profile promotion on social media;
PairTree Connect also:
  • Links adopting families to their licensed adoption professionals in their state.
  • Provides access to additional opportunities to cases and situations via our Adoption Professionals Network.

All Connect packages include:

  • A Custom Profile Video - Profile videos are a much more engaging way for expectant moms to learn more about a family. And bonus...you can download and reuse these videos as many times as you like in additional outreach!
  • Unlimited Education – we work with Creating a Family to ensure families have access to unlimited certificate-level education they can use to meet their State and/or adoption professional’s requirements. (This is a huge value as most adopting families have to pay $500+ to meet their education requirement!)
  • Scam Protection – All interactions on PairTree are subject to our Safe Connection Filters – where we constantly track three markers, so you can focus on connecting, not investigating.
  • Social Boosting (Promotion) - We create a hand-crafted social media ad (created by a birth mother) unique to your profile and displayed across multiple platforms to a carefully curated audience. On average, profiles with Social Boosting receive 3 times the amount of profile views as families that don't.
  • Profile Performance Analytics –  PairTree profiles get views! Monitor how your profile is performing and find areas of opportunity to enhance your profile through question prompts, additional photos, and more.
  • Adoption Path Planning & Support - From "waiting" to post-placement, families often underestimate how much support they'll need. Before, during, and forever after the adoption, we’re here with critical information, adoption expert-authored content, connections to licensed professionals and a real-life community of adopting parents and birth parents. We’ll make sure you have a team supporting you.
  • Balance in the Community – to ensure we're providing ample opportunity to our community, we ensure we never have more than 10 adopting families for every 1 active expectant or birth moms.

Connect Plus also includes:

  • A 22-Page Profile Book (+10 printed copies) - PairTree profile books allow you to choose from multiple designs, capture your story through a book created hand-in-hand with our on-staff birth mom, help create a connection, and offer an expectant mom a glimpse into their life - the life her child could potentially have.

While our platform is the most comprehensive in terms of opportunities to connect, the self-serve nature of it enables adopting families, expectant parents and birth parents to determine with whom they connect, for how long, and whether or not they want to move forward.

Regardless of any connections made, the people using PairTree are connected to the comprehensive education and support services they need to healthily navigate their adoption journey.

Reach out to hello@pairtreefamily.com with any questions. Learn more about PairTree Connect or view the Pricing & Plans.