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What is PairTree Connect?

PairTree Connect is a connection platform: a space for expectant and birth moms and hopeful adoptive families to connect directly – guided by licensed adoption professionals.

PairTree Connect allows:
  • Expectant and birth moms to explore adopting family profiles based on what’s more important to them;
  • Adopting families to build personality-based profiles that communicate their intent to adopt;
PairTree Connect also creates connections to:
  • Licensed adoption professionals in their State;
  • Unlimited support from a platform comprising perspectives from adopting families, birth families, adoption professionals and expert specialists.

Additionally, we provide adopting families with:

Unlimited Education – we work with Creating a Family to ensure families have access to unlimited certificate-level education they can use to meet their State and/or adoption professional’s requirements. (This is a huge value as most adopting families have to pay $500+ to meet their education requirement!)

Safe Connection Filters
– where we constantly track four major markers, so they can focus on connecting, not investigating.

Profile Performance Analytics –  analytics on how your profile is performing – along with helpful data on the activity of our Community.

Balance in the Community – to ensure we're providing ample opportunity to our Community, we ensure we never have more than 10 adopting families for every 1 active expectant or birth moms.

Reach out to hello@pairtreefamily.com with any questions.

Learn more about PairTree Connect or view the Plans & Fees.