What types of adoption does PairTree help with?

Adoption comes in many forms. PairTree can help families on a number of adoption paths:

Private Domestic Adoption

Sometimes called Private Adoption or Independent Adoption, this type of adoption refers to the placement of U.S.-born infants or children by their birth parent(s), who legally consent to the adoption with an adoptive family of their choosing.

Step-Parent or Second-Parent Adoption

Step-parent or Second-Parent Adoption allows the “second” parent to legally establish a parent-child relationship without the legal parent losing their rights to the child.

Both parents will now have equal responsibility and say in the child’s medical care, academic and educational needs, extra-curricular activities, and cultural and religious upbringing. Any challenge to your relationship with the child is eradicated. Your child’s entitlement to inheritance rights is also now protected.

Second-parent adoptions are typically done when:

  • One LBGTQ partner is biologically (legally) related to the child and the “second” parent needs to establish the parent-child relationship legally.
  • Couples bring children from one marriage to another, in which a legal parent agrees to have the step-parent adopt the child.
  • Donor sperm or egg are used in some situations when the person(s) who will parent are not biologically related to the DNA material.

Kinship Adoption or Relative Adoption

A Kinship Adoption or Relative adoption is when an adult adopts an eligible family member. Sometimes this occurs when a child has already been living with a family member who has acted as their guardian or parental figure, and the family decides to legally protect the child’s status within the family through a relative adoption.

In other situations, a mother may know that she is unable to provide for a child, so she relinquishes her parental rights to a family member. This family member becomes the child’s legal parent, but the child’s birth mother will still be able to remain an active part of the child’s life.

lets talkLearn more about Home Study

These types of adoptions DO require a home study. 

We collaborate with licensed adoption professionals nationwide to connect adopting families with the resources needed to plan and manage an adoption journey in the healthiest way possible.

To get started, find a home study provider in your state or schedule time with our Adoption Specialist Laurie here to talk through your options.