What’s the difference between an adoption agency, adoption attorney and PairTree?

PairTree: An adoption enablement platform. We are not an alternative to working with an agency or attorney. (You wouldn’t  pick PairTree instead of working with an adoption agency or attorney.) In fact, we're going to make sure you are connected to a licensed ethical agency or attorney when you need one…

PairTree is the objective layer that helps you understand your options, pick the best path for you and connect to the best professional for that path. (But wouldn’t any adoption agency or adoption attorney give me options? Not necessarily. That professional might not tell families about all their options because they want your business.)

Adoption Agency: An organization that is licensed by a particular state to educate and prepare families to adopt children and to do all the necessary legal, administrative and social work to ensure that adoptions are in the best interests of the children.

Attorney: A lawyer who files, processes, and finalizes adoptions in court. In some states attorneys may also arrange adoptive placements.