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Why do I need a Profile Book?

A profile book is an essential part of adoption outreach that will be shared with expectant moms, as well as adoption professionals. PairTree profile books allow your families to choose from multiple designs, capture their story through a custom 22 page book, help create a connection, and offer an expectant mom a glimpse into their life - the life her child could potentially have.
Each profile book we complete is edited by a two-time birth mom - offering families a unique perspective into the best way to introduce their family, tell their story and create a meaningful connection. This added insight is invaluable to our families, and a feature few else offer.
Here's what our families are saying:
  • "First off, oh my gosh, I just want to repeat how much we love the style. It fits us to a 'T.' Thank you so much for making our book exactly how we want expectant mothers to experience it."
  • "We love the profile book and so did our family, you really captured us. Can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did."
If you want a visual example, you can peak at our profile book style guide.