Alliance for Children and PairTree Partnership

We are thrilled to partner with Alliance for Children to support your home study needs. Here's what to expect in the home study process.

1. Complete the Alliance for Children application.

The first step in a home study is a completed application.

  • For families in Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Rhode Island, download the application here.
  • For families in New York, download the application here.

2. Email your completed application to

3. Select PairTree package, sign contract, and pay invoice.

After your application is reviewed and acceptance, PairTree will email you the good news! From there, you will select your PairTree package, sign your contract, and pay your final invoice.

  • To select your PairTree package, review our plans & fees page.
  • To sign your contract, you will receive a separate email (look for subject line, "PairTree Home Study sent you AFC Contract") with a direct link where you can review and sign everything digitally. 
  • Once you submit your final package decision, you will also receive an invoice from PairTree (via Stripe) for your home study invoice. This invoice will be due 7 days from when it is issued and can be paid with a credit card. 

3. Receive documents and set-up portal access.

After your contract is signed and invoice is paid, PairTree will connect you with the Alliance for Children onboarding coordinator, Lauren Cullinane.

  • Lauren will send you an email with three attachments:
    • 1) your "home study packet" (a.k.a. your "paperwork")
    • 2) training materials, and
    • 3) your "family portal" instructions (where you will create a login so you can use the portal to upload completed home study documents). There'll also be a link to schedule a 30-minute orientation call (see Step 4 below).

4. Schedule & attend orientation call (before you start your paperwork!)

Your orientation call will be with Jenn Tobin. During this required 30 minute session, Jenn will review the home study packet and the process for submitting your completed documents.  Pro tip: Prior to the orientation call, be sure to begin the process of writing your autobiographies using the autobiographical outline in your home study packet. 

5. Start clearances and complete home study packet. 

After orientation, you will begin with your background clearances and complete the  remaining paperwork in your home study packet.

  • Completing your auto-biography is required before the initial home visit, but the rest of the paperwork you can work on throughout the entire process.
  • This a good time to reflect, practice mindfulness, and take it one page at a time. You got this!
  • Be sure to upload your completed documents in the family portal, in accordance to the instructions provided. Note: it may take ~7-10 days (after receiving the initial email from Lauren) before you can start uploading documents into the portal. 

6. Complete adoption education and schedule interviews. 

Alliance for Children has a comprehensive Education and Training log that can be fulfilled with courses from Adoption Learning Partners or Creating a Family.

  • As a PairTree family, you get free, unlimited access to Creating a Family - so we recommend that route!
  • This is also when you will schedule your meetings with your social worker, including your home visit. The home visit is a chance for them to get to know you, take a tour of your home, assess for safety concerns, and go over your required documents. Don't be nervous! Most families say this was one of their favorite parts of the home study. 

7. Become home study approved!

Once your pre-placement report is finalized, you are officially home study approved! Take time to celebrate this achievement. You will receive a confirmation letter which you will use for your PairTree Connect profile and with any other professionals supporting your adoption journey. 

8. Create your PairTree Connect profile. 

When you're ready for this step, click here to get started! Don't forget to have your coupon code handy when it comes time to make your profile live.

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