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Meet Spence-Chapin

SpenceChapin-Logo-FINAL_Primary-TaglineGeneral-FullColorWelcome to the first step to your adoption journey! Spence-Chapin offers home study services for families pursuing domestic, international, or relative adoption. The home study assessment is a required and essential part of every adoption journey, and with over 110 years of experience providing adoption services, your team at Spence-Chapin will guide you through every step of this evaluative and preparative process.

How much does a home study cost?

A home study with Spence-Chapin costs $2000. View their complete fees here.

Ready to get started on your home study?

  1. Complete Spence-Chapin's Arizona Application.
  2. Email it to

What do you do after you're home study-approved?

Schedule time with Laurie Sheltonhere) to discuss additional ways PairTree can help you on your adoption journey.

Once your application is complete and accepted by Holt, schedule time on our calendar to discuss the next steps on your adoption journey like:

  • Outreach tools via PairTree Connect, our personality-based connection and outreach platform that offers a variety of services that may include a personality-based profile, profile promotion on social media, a custom 22-page profile book, and access to cases/situations from other licensed adoption professionals.
  • Legal representation
  • Additional support and educational resources

lets talkWe'll walk you through the process.

It can be, so schedule time with Laurie here to talk through your options or email us at