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Start your Massachusetts home study with PairTree professional: Alliance for Children!

Meet Alliance for Children

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The staff at the Alliance for Children adoption agency has a long-standing professional and personal history with all areas of adoption.

We understand all aspects of the adoption process, both domestic and international adoption, and we walk each client through every step. Our caring staff provides individualized professional support services to meet the personal needs of each birth parent and adoptive family.

The moment you contact us, you become a part of our agency’s family. We are committed to providing adoption support services to our clients from your first phone call to long after your adoption is finalized.

Our expertise and experience are unlike anyone else. We were incorporated in 1974 and have provided adoption services continuously for decades. Our staff has many years of experience in the field of adoption and is knowledgeable in every aspect of the adoption process. Through tough times and joyous, we are here for you.

We care about building happy families from birth parents and adoptive parents to adopted children. Our honesty and trustworthiness is everything. We tell our families everything we know and provide them with the most up-to-date information. Our families and birth parents make their own decisions throughout their journeys while we guide them along.

We asked the Alliance team, "Why do you love working with hopeful adoptive parents?"

"Each family has their own story to tell, and we love getting to know them. We love being part of their adoption journey, as we are deeply committed to children, families, and adoption." 

What do you think is the best part of home studies?

"The best part of home studies is the interaction between the family and the worker: exchanging ideas, sharing thoughts, addressing questions/concerns, and providing encouragement and support."

How much does a Massachusetts home study cost?

A home study begins with a $550 application fee which rolls into the total $3,300 initial home study fee. Additional fees may apply.

Ready to get started?

1) Download and fill out the Alliance for Children application

2) Email it to and we will connect you with Michelle Kelley, the home study coordinator at Alliance for Children, to pay your $550 application fee. 

*Note: Alliance for Children does not currently use PairTree Home Base, our home study management platform. While PairTee works with our partners to include additional perks like discounted education and to ensure a smooth transition as a family begins their home study process, it is the responsibility of AFC to ensure a family completes their home study smoothly and efficiently. PairTree cannot guarantee a certain experience for a professional's own process outside of Home Base.

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